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U.S. Open 2014
U.S. Open 2014

Day 1 Wrap

On a well-rounded opening day of the 2014 U.S. Open that featured all Poomsae competitors and four senior sparring divisions, competition kicked off with more than 400 Poomsae competitors from around the globe contesting for 93 medals on the only day of forms competition.

The 2013 Poomsae U.S. National Team collected 11 medals on the day, including gold medal performances by Chi Duong (Male 3rd Master), Jason Hwang (Male 2nd Senior), Sarah Min (Junior Female), Noreen Thackrey (Female 3rd Master) and the Men’s 2nd Team of Anh Nguyen, Chau Troung and Justin Wang. Elva Adams (Female 1st Master), Kathy Do (Female 2nd Senior), Anacleta Thorne (Female 2nd Master) and Reggie Ubiadas (Male 2nd Master) each earned silver, while Garth Cooley (Male 1st Master) and Nguyen (Male 2nd Senior) added bronze. Additionally, 2013 National Team members Cindy Asano (Junior Female), Thanh-Van Huynh (Female 1st Senior), Truong (Male 2nd Senior), Wang (Male 2nd Senior) and the 1st Pairs team of Kelsey Ha and Long Nguyen each recorded top-5 finishes on the day.

2013 National Championships/ Chicago

Diego: Silver in Poomsae

Gold in Sparring

Grandmaster Chi Duong: Gold in Poomsae.

2013 National Qualifier

Result from Nevada State Taekwondo Qualifier
Saturday March 23, 2013
1. Gm. Chi                 Gold(poomsae)
2. Miss Natalia Filson   Bronze(poomsae)
3. Varun Pandit           Gold(pair)  Individual Bronze
4. Vidhi Pandit             Gold(pair) Individual  Bronze
5. Diego       Gold (poomsae) gold (sparr)
6. Adrian                    Bronze(poomsae)
7. Ethan Wu  Gold(poomsae)    Gold(sparr)

Result from NorCal, San Mateo Championships
1. Logan  Gold
2. Colton  Gold
3. Riley    Gold
4. Nathan    Silver/Bronze
5. Heidi       Gold/Gold
6. Christina  Silver/Gold

2013 US Open, Las Vegas

Grandmaster Chi Duong: Gold

US Open 2013

US Open 2013

2012 US Open. Las Vegas

Grandmaster Chi Duong: Gold

Age Name Rank Poomsae Kurokki
6 Nathan Highley Yellow -- Silver
7 Dillon Damico Green Gold Gold
8 Vidhi Pandit Blue Gold Gold
8 Saeed Mobaleigh Blue Gold Gold
9 Maritza Filson Yellow Silver Silver
9 Emiliano Miranda Green Gold Gold
9 Varun Pandit Black Gold Silver
10 Garret Damico Blue Gold Gold
10 Michelle Tran Yellow Gold Gold
11 Leo Miranda Green Silver Silver
11 Abigail Gould Yellow Gold Gold
12 Fritz Filson Blue Gold Gold
13 Regulus Burn Yellow -- Gold
14 Zackery Hood Yellow Bronze Silver
15 Annhya Clarkson Red Gold Gold
16 Daniel Nguyen Yellow -- Silver
25 Megan Trout Black Bronza Silver
30 Amanda Allen Black Bronze Gold
37 Natalia Filson Black Silver Gold
40+ G.M. Chi Duong Black Gold --

Chi Kwan


Reno Open 2009

20 Gold, 2 Silver, 6 Bronze

         NAME                      POOMSAE                SPARRING

Logan Johnson            Bronze                    Gold

Magnus Johnson          Bronze                    Gold

Annhya Clarkson          Gold                        Gold

VarunPandit                 Gold                        Gold

Vidhi Pandit                 Gold                        Gold

Garret Damico              Gold                        Gold

                Dillon Damico                Gold                      Gold                   

Saeed Mobaligh              Bronze                  Silver/Gold

Emiliano Miranda             Bronze                  Silver

Leo Miranda                   Bronze                  Bronze

Kenneth Crissinger           Gold                     Gold

Amanda Allen                  Gold                     Gold

Natalie Filson                   Gold                     Gold

Christina Jackson              Gold                     N/A

Chi Kwan At

2009 Junior Olympics

8 years old Yellow belt Garret Damico:

Gold in Poomsae, Silver in Sparring

7 years old Red belt Varun Pandit:

Silver in Poomsae, Bronze in Sparring

14 years old Green belt Annhya Clarkson:

Gold in Sparring.

Coaches: GM. Chi Duong, Mr. Pandit, Mr. Clarkson, Mr. Damico.

Athletes support group: Mrs. Pandit, Mrs. Damico, Mrs. Chi

Chi Kwan At

Stanford Spring Open 2009



Name                      Poomsae                  Sparring                                 

Vidhi Pandit               Gold                         N/A

Varun Pandit             Bronze                       N/A

Annyha Clarkson        Silver                         Gold

Fritz Filson               Bronze                        Silver

Natasha Filson           Silver                         Bronze

Amanda Allen            Bronze                        N/A

Kevin Maslow            Gold                            Gold

Russell Alfano            Silver                         N/A

Magnus Johnson           N/A                         Silver

Logan Johnson             N/A                         Gold

Dillon Damico               N/A                         Gold

Tracy Coleman             N/A                        Gold

Saeed                    Participant

Nevada Appeal (Date May 20, page B2)


Local athletes qualify for Jr. Olympics

  Three Carson City junior athletes competed in the 2009 USA Olympic Taekwondo National Qualifier on May 9-10. Garret Damico, Varun Pandit, and Annhya Clarkson received medals at West coast quali­fier held in San Jose, Calif.
  Varun Pandit (7) and Annhya Clarkson (14) were each awarded two gold medals and Garret Damico (8) won silver and bronze medals.
  The athletes competed in both forms and sparring matches.
  By successfully winning the national qualifier, all three have now qualified for the Taekwondo Junior Olympics to be held at Austin, Texas June 30 – July 5.

Contact information:

Grandmaster Chi Duong


276 East Winnie Lane

Carson City, NV 89706




CARSON CITY NV- (June 5, 2007) Grand Master Chi Duong led a small group of his students to the Stanford University 2007 spring open Tae Kwon Do tournament held in Palo Alto last weekend.

The Stanford tournament included Tae kwon do schools from the United States with over 480 competitors. The tournament followed the World Tae Kwon Do Federation guidelines; included competitions in Poomsae (Forms), Sparring, and Breaking.

Local students receiving awards in Poomsae competition included: Varun Pandit, age 5, Gold Medal, and Josh Hurd, age 14, Silver Medal.  

Awards in Sparring included: Josh Hurd: Gold Medal. Varun Pandit: Silver Medal.  Magnus Johnson: Gold Medal.  Logan Johnson: Gold Medal.  Nick Hummel: Silver Bronze Medal.

Paul Chang and Edwin Seiler were tournament referees; Mr. Tracy Coleman as coach.

And other participants are: TayLor Bradshaw age 13. Marco Torres, age 7

GM Chi has been the Nevada State Referee Chairman and Nevada State TKD Vice President. Additionally he is certified as a National referee for United State Tae Kwon Do Union, and is an International referee for the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.

If you are interested in additional information on upcoming classes, or getting certification to be a Nevada TKD Referee please contact Chi Kwan Tae Kwon Do at 775-885-0547

Contact information:

Grandmaster Chi Duong

1223 South Carson Street

Carson City, NV 89701

Inside Carson Mall