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phung  Welcome to Chi Kwan Gallery


To all of you that are visiting this page;

I share with you, all special moments in my life,

through these: Photos , Videos, Slides ....


My Family, Dad and 9 siblings,

My wife family, Mom and 6 siblings,

My wife, whom I known and sharing my life with for 40+ years,

My children which all grow up and are far away.

My extended family; Chi Kwan's students and their family;

All friends that I came to know and trusted,

and all beautiful one that I meet and felt in love with.

Practice1 Practice2 Practice3 Museum
Museum2 Museum3 Museum4 Ice1
Ice2 Ice3 Ice4 Ice5
Ice6 Ice7 Ice8 Ice9
before2009 Christmas1 Christmas2 Christmas3
Tet Atlantis1 Tet Atlantis2 Tet Atlantis3 Tet Atlantis4
Tet Atlantis5 Utah August 22 Camp1
Camp2 Camp3 Camp4 The Geese
2013 NQ 8th World Poomsae Breaking  
10th World Poomsae