On the way to Austin TX, for the Junior TKD Olympics, I was filled with apprehension and anxiety.

I had requested Girish that I stay back in Carson as I am always a nervous wreck at tournaments, but am pleased to say that I went there.

The venue was the biggest I have seen so far, with 14 rings in all, 2500 competitors, 500 coaches and a holding area nearly half the size of the venue.

Never had I thought in my wildest dreams that my son would medal at the Junior Olympics.

My heart swells with pride when I see where he has reached in the last 4 yrs, under the guidance of Grandmaster Chi.  

Our kids, Varun, Garret and Annhya made us all proud.

Earning their medals was a testament to the effort and commitment that the children made when they started training for the tournament.

My sincere thanks to Grandmaster Chi and also to the coaches for their time, effort and strong belief in our kids without which this success would not be possible.


A couple of years ago, Grandmaster Chi told my kids that even though they do not have an extended family here in the states, they were to consider the Chi Kwan Family as their own.

I realized the true meaning of that statement during our visit to Austin. I sincerely thank everyone in our team/family for the cheering, the sharing, the caring, the thoughtfulness and advice through out the whole trip.

Knowing there was someone on whom we could count without having to even voice our request was heart warming.


 I couldn’t finish this short testimonial without mentioning Mr. Mark Clarkson’s extraordinary baby-sitting skills and superb tour-guide abilities,

Mrs. Michelle Damico’s never ending supply of food and quick thinking (which saved us more than once), Mrs. Lily Clarkson’s fresh smile, wit and never ending stories, Mr. Steve Damico’s  adult humor (which kept my spirits from flagging),  Girish’s (my husbands) skills with his i-pod (which took us to many great restaurants and places) Annhya’s astonishing patience (with the four younger kids) and Dillon’s and Vidhi’s endurance abilities through the long hours at the tournament, the odd lunch and dinner hours, the long walks and the Texas heat. Last but not least, Grandmaster Chi’s and Mrs. Chi’s constant command and experience at such tournaments and the survival skills (after all the restaurants and cuisines we exposed them to) they adapted acted as a cementing glue and kept us all together like a family. In a few words, this trip for me was satisfying and very memorable.