Mom's version of Poomsae,


We traveled to Texas for the Junior Olympics’, in hopes that Garret would medal there.
As we arose that morning I tried to let him sleep as long as he could because I knew how much energy he would need. As Garret nibbled on very few bites of food we prepared for a long day at the tournament. We walked a few blocks to the Austin Convention Center and I could not believe my eyes as we approached the arena, it was huge and intense. The overwhelming feeling came over me and I said a little prayer for Garret in hopes that he would do a good job. As Grand Master Chi and Dad took Garret to the holding area, I became very nervous and did not know what to expect. The holding area took what seemed to be forever on getting the kids out onto the floor and into the right arenas. As Garret's group entrees the floor the anticipation grew. I chose a seat above the arena with my support group (Mrs. Pandit, Mrs. Clarkson, and Mrs. Chi), I became so nervous but yet at the same time I was so proud of Garret and the training that he had to do and I knew he was giving it all he got, win or lose, I am so proud of him. Garret had to first compete against a boy from Texas. Garret went to his mark and performed E-Jang, and I thought he had one because the other boy did not land on his spot, as the referees hands went into the air, they had voted for the Texas boy. Garret bowed and turned around and went to his chair with his head hanging a little bit low, I yelled to keep his head up and to be strong. This put Garret in the loser bracket, where he would have to come back and win every match, and I knew if he lost again he would be out. They called Garret to the line up again, I yelled to Garret "be strong", from start to finish with his Poomsae, he was strong and accurate, and landed on his mark, and when the referees’ hands went up in favor of Garret, I started to cry knowing he was one step closer. Anticipation builds each time he went on the floor and each time he did not lose focus, it was the most amazing thing I have ever felt, the determination on his face after each match was held with honor and discipline. Going into the final round he was matched up with the Texas boy again (who hadn't lost yet) as they started their Poomsae Garret had such control but still had enough power in his form to pull out the victory. I thought he is going to win the gold, I put my head between my legs and I said a quick little prayer, Mrs. Pandit rubbed me on my back and she said "he is going to do it" . Now Garret and the boy from Texas had to switch sides and began their Poomsae, I just kept saying to myself, "be strong Garret, be strong" and as they finished Garret never altered and ended up right on his mark, and as the referees hands went up, I had to count twice because I thought Garret had lost, and the Mrs. Pandit and Mrs. Clarkson said he won, he won.  At that very moment I began to yell and scream for Garret I was so very proud of him and what he just had to accomplish. I began to cry, and I hugged the ladies, and I called both of Garret's grandmas to tell them. What a true sportsman to come back all the way from the bottom and get victory!