So, This is Nationals…


July second was the day I had been waiting forever for. When it finally came, I knew I was ready.

I had been preparing both mentally and physically for months. Today was the day.


I can’t remember much about the morning preparations, though; I remember the rest of the day clearly.

My first event was Poomsae, the time in holding went by so quickly, that before I knew it I was competing for my first time at Nationals.

My form, which could have been the worst rendition of Sa Chang ever performed, complete with forgetting simple movements and not ending in the correct place, won me my first round.

Though, I improved my form a lot, I lost my next two rounds.


My next event was sparring. This was the part of the day I was most excited for.

To put it plainly, I could not wait to hit someone after what happened in Poomsae.

I was ready to kill anyone I faced. Then came’ the wait. It felt like we were in holding for hours! You have to ask the Grand Master or Mr. Pandit for the exact time.

All I know is it felt like an eternity before it was my time to spar.  Mr. Pandit had told me to finish it quick, so I did.

In about 1 and a half rounds I had scored 11 points and my opponent had scored 4 points.

It was my first ever win in Exhibition at a tournament! I was thrilled. But, then I was a little sad. In about one minute thirty seconds, it was over.

All of my training and preparedness had come to a climax, and now I was in the “after” stage.  It had been fun, but now I cannot wait for next year!


Thank you to all who have helped me get to this point; my parents, my friends, my instructors.

I give a special, and well deserved, thank you to Grand Master Chi. Thank you, sir, you have changed me forever.

Thank you for making me into much of the person I am today.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in something I love so much.

But most of all, thank you for not giving up on me, even when I myself had.

Taekwondo is my life, thank you. Of course, there is one more “person” I need to thank. Thank you, God!


-Annhya Clarkson