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Our Mission 

One Self - One Family - One Country - The World



Grand Master Chi:

          Because of your efforts in this sport of our, our lives have not only become better, but they have become more valuable. If it weren’t for you, then we wouldn’t event have a reason to get up and do something that includes any kind of exercise. This isn’t just a sport to us, it is so much more. It is a family, a community, a home away from home, and it would have never have turned out that way if you haven’t tried so hard for it. You know when something is important to us when we go for vacation and someone asks, “But what about Tae Kwon Do? I don’t want to miss anything”. We all do our best to make it our life to know what’s going on at the school, None of us would ever want to move, sure there would be other schools, but from my Josh’s experiences in other schools, this one has been the most special in the way that it has the largest family aspect ever seen to any of us. This school has helped every one of us in every aspect of our lives; educational, social, and working. We love this sport so much more because you didn’t train us to fight or to kill, but you thought us to survive, to protect, and to live better lives. You taught us discipline, respect, leadership, patience, prosperity, confidence, and humility. But the most important lesson was love; love for this sport, love for each other, and love for all of humanity. You have care for us and treated us like your own children, and in turn, we love and respect you as a father. The years that none of us will ever forget. The lessons in life that were taught to us will always be taken to heart. And most importantly, the friends and family that we have gained along the way will last a lifetime. We all appreciate your dedication to our learning process, and can only hope that we achieve that with will hopefully be you: Our teacher, our master, our mentor, our farther.


Thank you so much for everything

The Rankin Family

Senior Group